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Arts of Course helps you on your artistic journey, from painting tips to career and business advice so that you can achieve your artistic dreams.

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After producing documentary television for over 25 years, we decided to align our love of painting with our professional expertise to establish Arts of Course.

Arts of Course promises the best possible learning experience by filming accomplished and dedicated art teachers in our state of the art studio. The courses are then professionally edited and companion material from transcripts to illustrated workbooks are produced.  We also produce the Arts of Course YouTube Channel with new videos released every Thursdays.


Thank you to Jess Rice, a master watercolourist who will share with you everything you need to dive into watercolours so that you can create beautiful paintings without hitting rock bottom. (Follow him on the Arts of Course YouTube Channel or Join the Waitlist for his course).

We also wish to thank Cameron Herold, author of the acclaimed business book "Vivid Vision," for encouraging us to adapt his book for the specific needs and aspirations of mid-career artists. Download the 5 basic steps of creating your own Vivid Vision by clicking here.

There are many other people we wish to thank. In no special order, for it would be too difficult to rank everyone's contribution, thank you to: Iain Hamilton for his branding and design guidance, Adam Roberts for is sage legal advice, Walt Bartman for his artistic guidance, Kristin MacMillan of Monet's Art Supplies, Barbara Mowat, Marla Kott and the ladies of GroYourBiz, Angelo Morrissey, Kelly Monroe, Wayne Bogan, MJ Resto, Deborah Rankin, Arwen Berry, Etienne Dionne, Mylene Letellier and the SDECB, Kater Webster, Anne Andrews and Joey Lesperance for their encouragement.

As co-founders of Arts of Course, we marvel at the fact that we can work and live together and still love each other. We wish to thank our small extended family for their support and encouragement: Nadia Peterson, Ari Peltier-Shaw, Jacqueline Peltier and Paulyne Deschamps-Peltier.

Sylvie Peltier and Greg Nosaty
co-founders, Arts of Course