5 fun and interesting painting ideas you will want to try now

We asked "What would Van Gogh do?" (and shared other ideas). 😀

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time just trying to figure out what to paint?

For some reason finding that next subject consumes a lot of time and can create a lot of unnecessary anguish.

Not everybody has this problem though. Take Vincent Van Gogh for example, by the time he passed away, he had created over 900 paintings. Because he only had a 10-year career, this works out to a painting every 36 hours!

Van Gogh didn’t have access to Google or the ability to take photographs, so what did he paint?

He painted scenes about town, people he knew, the things around him, his bedroom and even…. shoes.

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Van Gogh painted a lot of shoes. There is a story that he would buy old shoes at flea markets and dirty them with mud until he found them “interesting enough to paint.”

Van Gogh was more interested in the process of painting than he was in what people might think of his paintings. He wished to sell, but he was following his own path.

And to have fun painting you absolutely must paint what YOU feel like painting.

So, what makes a good painting idea?

The answer is that anything you choose to paint is a good idea, because the more you paint, the better you will get.

Here are our five suggestions for you:

  1. A sunset to practice your gradations
  2. A sunflower using the wet-on-wet technique
  3. Three flowers using only a blue, a yellow and a red (mix all three colors and you get a black)
  4. A tree (try to avoid painting leaves and instead focus on the shapes occupied by the different shades of green)
  5. A pair of shoes (in honor of Van Gogh)

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