Harmonize with warm and cool colors

What we will cover in this course

Learn to combine warm and cool colors as you paint this vibrant barnyard.

In this introductory course, you'll learn:
- How to look at a color wheel
- How to distinguish warm and cool colors
- How to mix colors
- How to paint shadows
- And a few other techniques to complete the painting    

This professional production includes:
- A multi-camera painting demonstration from start to finish
- A comprehensive watercolor materials primer
- A flipped version of the course videos for left-handed painters
- A downloadable sketch to transfer to your paper
- An illustrated step-by-step workbook

Here's what you get

professionally filmed MODULES
See every brush strokes as watercolor expert Jess Rice demonstrates how to easily create a big barnyard scene. You'll learn how to use warm and cool colors to create shadows and depth to your scene.

9 videos for the watercolor beginner that cover how to choose your paint, paper, palette and set-ups, how to load your brush and mix your own blacks and composition secrets.


There is no time limit for you to enjoy this course so you can relax, learn at your own pace and revisit this course as often as you want.


Follow the step-by-step illustrated workbook with a list of supplies used, paint color substitution chart and reference photos of the finished painting.

BONUSes to Enjoy!

✓ Flipped video for left-handed painters
✓ Color substitution charts
✓ Video transcript & English subtitles option
✓ Sketch to print and transfer to your paper

What students are saying...

Lyse C., CWW student

"Jess Rice commands his art and loose style with conviction! He kindly reminds us to 'let go,' 'have fun,' 'one stroke, rinse your brush and feather,' — which I find soothing and inspirational." 

Heather R., CWW student

I wanted to improve my watercolour techniques and this course helped immensely. The videos are like having a series of private painting classes with Jess guiding me. The best part is that I get to keep all the lessons, tips and bonuses to use in the future. I highly recommend this course.

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Meet your instructor

Accomplished artist Jess Rice learned watercolors from an early age. Known for his whimsical romantic paintings of rural and pastoral scenes, Jess shares his passion for watercolors and its happy accidents with clear and practical advice that will better your painting journey. He has developed an easy-to-follow teaching process that has earned him a devoted following of painters, whatever their artistic ability.

Instructor art

Course Curriculum

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